Cybernetika – Solar Nexus

01Artificial Bloodline (80 BPM)
02Neuronal Interface (178 BPM)
03Distress Beacon (177 BPM)
04Monolithic (179 BPM)
05Bio-Magnetic Tunnel Transport (179 BPM)
06Stinger (178 BPM)
07Sol Nexus (160 BPM)
08Constellations (179 BPM)
09The Outcast Of Deadspace (150 BPM)

Cybernetika makes a triumphant return to Ektoplazm with Solar Nexus, the long-awaited follow-up to Colossus, released nearly three years ago. In that time Cybernetika has been working hard to further refine his ground-breaking fusion of psychedelic trance and drum ‘n bass, uniting these disparate genres under the aegis of far-future science fiction storytelling. As is customary, Cybernetika has written a short tale to introduce the themes explored on this album:

“In the dark and barren outer reaches of the universe a small group of genetically modified humans made this hostile region their home. Forgotten by most of human civilization, they developed a wealthy and peaceful society. Nine hundred years after last contact they suddenly appeared out of nowhere with technologies far more advanced than we could ever imagine in our wildest dreams. How could such a small group of a few hundred mutants get so far ahead of us? Would it be possible for us to benefit from their knowledge? The answer is both terrifying and promising: yes, it is possible, by connecting human minds in a galaxy-wide overmind, powered by the energy of a billion suns—the Solar Nexus.”

All tracks written, produced and mastered by Cybernetika (Lars Goossens). Artwork by Jonathan Maurin and Maxime des Touches.

Free Release on Ektoplazm

Released under a Creative Commons licence for noncommercial usage. [EKTLP13]