Cybernetika – Neural Network Expansion

01Trickster (149 BPM)
02Microchip (148 BPM)
03Medical/Science Complex (System Shock Remix) (150 BPM)
042653 (150 BPM)
05First Contact (152 BPM)
06Nebula Decay (146 BPM)
07No Communication (150 BPM)
08Valkyrie (160 BPM)

Neural Network Expansion is independently produced by Cybernetika, “a 20 years old music addict from Cologne, Germany.” This album contains nearly 70 minutes of dark and atmospheric psychedelic trance with a distinct science fiction theme. Intended as a “journey to a dark future, and beyond,” this album pulsates and throbs with explosive chaotic energy and mesmerizing melodic highs. This album was produced with FL Studio 6, mastered in Wavelab, and features a cover design by Wechman.

Free Release on Ektoplazm

Released under a Creative Commons licence for noncommercial usage.