Cybernetika – Atropos

album cover cybernetika - atropos

01Antares (Original Mix) (176 BPM)
02Hydroponics (175 BPM)
03Starchild (180 BPM)
04Towards The End Of Time (179 BPM)
05Vaporized (175 BPM)
06Atropos (178 BPM)
07Unleash (175 BPM)
08Conquest (178 BPM)
09Hayashi’s Journey (178 BPM)

Cybernetika returns with another far future epic expressed through music. This time the form is an energetic drum ‘n bass/neurofunk album with strong psytrance influences. Atropos is the story of Hayashi, a lone interstellar traveller who discovers the legendary Atropos, one of the three Moirae (the Fates of Greek mythology). Atropos chooses “the manner and timing of each person’s death,” cutting the thread or web of life, and within this narrative context Hayashi meets “his own destiny–and the destiny of humanity.” With cover artwork by Stefan Hürlemann.

Free Release on Ektoplazm

Released under a Creative Commons licence for noncommercial usage. Be sure to check out Cybernetika’s previous albums on Ektoplazm, Nanospheric and Neural Network Expansion.