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Cybernetika – Lost Technology

Lost Technology is the opening track of “The Scythe of Orion”, almost 14 minutes long, and a heavy breed of Dark Psy.

Cybernetika – Explorers

Atmospheric Dark Psy track with a lot of atmosphere and energy.

Cybernetika – Destroyer

Destroyer is a heavyweight Psy-Breaks track released in 2010.

Cybernetika – Cryostasis

Cryostasis is a track between Techno/Psy and Breaks, released on “The Scythe of Orion”

Cybernetika – Chrono Wave

Experimental Goa/Psy with a broken beat.

Cybernetika – Close your Eyes

Pseudo-Remix, DnB, released on “Colossus” later on.

Cybernetika – Calling Mercurio

The Downtempo/Industrial track that was the final track on “The Scythe of Orion”

Cybernetika – Caliope

Short space Ambient track, meant as in intro loop for my site.

Cybernetika – Arcturus Experience

Downtempo/Halfstep track with a deep space theme.

Cybernetika – Antagonist

Contrary to the name, a pretty laid back Psychill track.