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Cybernetika – Otherworldly

Mystical Ambient/IDM track.


Cybernetika – Neuromancer (Second Version)

The second version of “Neuromancer” we know from the Promo #1 2006.


Cybernetika – Nebula Decay

Quite unique Tech/Goa track from 2006, later released on “Neural Network Expansion”.

Cybernetika – Narcosys

Dark Psy track a bit more on the subtle, atmospheric side.

Cybernetika – Nanotechnology

Aggressive Psy from 2006.

Cybernetika – Morphing State

Funky, twisted Psy with a floating lead towards the end.

Cybernetika – Microchip

Dark Psy, made in 2006, released on Neural Network Expansion.

Cybernetika – Megafluid

Trance track with an asian sounding melody.

Cybernetika – Master Sensei

Dark Psy track, later released on my Promo #1 2006.

Cybernetika – Kryonic Storm

Hard Trance/Freeform track.