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Cybernetika – Solarstorm

Twisted melodic Psy/Trance track.

Cybernetika – Soul of the Universe

Epic space ambient/downtempo track.

Space Odyssey – Space Odyssey

“Space Odyssey” was made in collaboration with Omer Ketz aka The Darkone back in 2005.

Vecordia – The Brave

Atmospheric downtempo.

Cybernetika – The Deepest Landscape

Atmospheric and deep minimal track.

Antinox – The Exorcist

Some kind of cheap and cheesy Dark Psy.

Cybernetika – The Sea of Steel

Dark yet melodic Psy.

Xelphore – The Synthetic (Cybernetika’s Unreality Remix)

Unreal-themed Psy remix of Xelphore’s “The Synthetic”

Cybernetika – Uplink

Freeform Trance track.

Cybernetika – Abyssal Voyage

Atmospheric Downtempo/Breaks track.