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Cybernetika – Subroad v2

Breaks/Electronica track. Second version, slightly different sound.

Cybernetika – Subroad

Breaks/Electronica track.

Cybernetika – Spirits Beckoning

Calm Ambient track.

Cybernetika – Sidewinder

Hard Psy track.

Cybernetika – Return to the Source

Psy track with Acid.

Cybernetika – Plasmasucker

Dark Psy track with a very deep space theme.

Vecordia – Planet Dead

The oldest dark ambient track I made under my Vecordia alias.

Cybernetika – Phobos Embrace

Very epic, long Trance track with a bit of Acid. This is like the ancestor of “Dominion” from the Brainwash Promo.

Advanced Robotics – Other Choice

Bad early DnB track.

Cybernetika – Neural Corrosion