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Cybernetika – Zero Manifesto (Raw Mix)

Different mixed version of my Dark Psy track which was released later on.

Cybernetika – Zero Manifesto

First version of my Dark Psy track. With twisted layers and a hard kick.

Cybernetika – Zeitsprung

Freeform/Dark Psy. “Zeitsprung” is “time leap” in English.

Cybernetika – We Are Brothers

“We are Brothers” is a Psy/Trance track with an epic tone.

Cybernetika – Viras

Psytrance from 2004.

Cybernetika – Timeless

Psytrance (2004).

Cybernetika – The Infinity of Progress

Ambient electronica track.

Vecordia – Terran Salvation

Dark Ambient which was my first actual release on the “Longing for Unity” Split EP.

Vecordia – Superiority

Dark Ambient.

Cybernetika – Summer Odyssey

Cheesy and bad Trance.