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Cybernetika – Expanding the Instincts

Psytrance with a feeling of heaviness.

Cybernetika – Einstein 2.0

Twisted and fast Trance(?).

Cybernetika – Eclipse Blast

Early attempt at a Freeform track.

Cybernetika – Earth Signal

Breaks/Electronica track, later released on the Paralysis album.

Cybernetika – Dance of the Flames

Fast Rave/Acid track from 2004 with dark melodies.

Cybernetika – Cyberpunk’s not Dead (v2)

improved version of the original.

Cybernetika – Cyberpunk’s not Dead

A bit slower than my usual stuff. First, raw version of the track.

Cybernetika – Comatose

Dark Goa/Psytrance from 2004.

Cybernetika – Clash of the Titans

Epic cinematic track with dark soundscapes and war-drums.

Cybernetika – Breakthrough

Fast Hard Trance/Freeform track.