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Cybernetika – Sky’s Thorn

Amen-loaded DnB track with Goa melodies.

Cybernetika – Our Darkest Hour

Cinematic industrial track that will be released soon.

Cybernetika – Neuronal Interface

Neuronal Interface: Deus Ex meets DnB/Neurofunk. You’ve heard this one on my youtube channel and of course on my “Solar Nexus” album. This is an early version with a more aggressive mastering.

Cybernetika – Moonfog

Starts off as an ambient track, then progresses into a Halfstep track with a mystical space theme. This one actually started as a remix of “Neuroshackles”.

Cybernetika – Flotation

This one is a bit of an unusual Psy/DnB track.

Cybernetika – Escape Velocity

“Escape Velocity” is another DnB track that never made it on a release.

Cybernetika – Distant Singularity

“Distant Singularity” is a special track to me, it needs a few improvements in sound but it’s definitely worthy of a big release. My next one maybe?

Cybernetika & Mellow Sonic – Thermal Overload

Heavy DnB/Neurofunk made in collaboration with Mellow Sonic.

Vortech – Humanity:Static (Cybernetika Remix)

You know this DnB track from my “Colossus” album. Remix of a song by the Finnish Metal band Vortech.

UArchitect – Millipede (Cybernetika Remix)

Fun project: Remix a track in less than an hour. Had great fun remixing this crazy track by UArchitect. 🙂