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Cybernetika – Nanotech 3000

Very mechanical Dark Psytrance track with lots of layers. The production is very meh, be warned.

Cybernetika – Mechaphysical

Early twisted Psy, kind of influenced by stuff like Hux Flux or Fungus Funk.

Cybernetika – Martian Rednecks

Kind of a weird electronic track, still like it now. 😀

Cybernetika – Magna Veritas

Super early IDM track. Sorry for the resonance, I didn’t know what mixing or mastering was at that point. 😀

Vecordia – Last Call

Dark ambient track.

Vecordia – Imperium Titanis

Cinematic track, an upgraded version of “Clash of the Titans”, this time released on my sideproject Vecordia.

Cybernetika – Hymn to Neutron

Darker and more abstract Psy.

Cybernetika – Goa Flashback

It’s Goa, duh.

Cybernetika – Fusioned

Improved version of the “heavy fusion” track I released in 2003.

Advanced Robotics – Into Nevermore

IDM-ish track.