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Cybernetika – The Eternal Sentinel

Another Warcraft-based track, very melodic Trance.


Cybernetika – The Creator

Full-On Psy with a Trance drive.


Cybernetika – I Close My Eyes (Trance Mix)

A more melodic variation of this Psy track.


Cybernetika – Fading Signal

Melodic Twilight Psytrance.


Cybernetika – Solarstorm (2006 version)

2006 version of “Solarstorm.


Cybernetika – Scourge Supremacy

I made this Trance track when I was completely into Warcraft and Dota ­čśŤ


Cybernetika – Megafluid

Trance track with an asian sounding melody.

Cybernetika – Kryonic Storm

Hard Trance/Freeform track.

Limbogott – Headlock (Cybernetika Remix)

Tech-Trance remix of the track “Headlock” by Limbogott.

Forgotten Aeons – Forgotten Aeons

Trance track that was created in collaboration with Der Mystik, a well known Trance producer, with a mystical atmosphere and dark melodies.