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Cybernetika – The King

“The King” is an oldschool Tech-Trance track with psy elements and a bit of a storyline.

Cybernetika – Cryostasis

Cryostasis is a track between Techno/Psy and Breaks, released on “The Scythe of Orion”

Adamantium Studios – Under the Iron Sky (Transmitter Remix By Cybernetika)

Psy remix of the “Iron Sky” title track, unfortunately not that great. Turned into “Transmitter” later on so it was good for something I guess 🙂

The Machinistas – You Stay

Banging Industrial/Electro beat meets vocals and trancy arps.


Cybernetika – Revelation

Classic, epic trance track with a tech groove and a lot of changes.


POS – Remember Summersun (Cybernetika Remix)

Remix of a classic Trance track as a Psytrance interpretation. Made for a remix contest at


Cybernetika – My Pulse

Epic melodic Goa track.


The Machinistas – Monsters Inside

Dark Wave/Trance track made with a collaboration project.


Cybernetika – Valkyrie

160BPM Psy-Trancecore madness. Later released on “Neural Network Expansion”


Cybernetika – Twisted Ideal

Twisted Ideal starts off as Darkpsy, but quickly becomes a Dark Trance anthem.