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Cybernetika – Eclipsis (Cycle Mix)

Goa track with a twisted, hypnotic lead towards the end. This one was released on the Neogoa compilation Dimensional Gateway 2.

Cybernetika – Biomechanic Angel

Fast Psytrance track with more than 14 minutes length.

Cybernetika – All Levels Nominal

Dark Psytrance with speed and energy.

Cybernetika – Sharpest Shape

A slow relentless Goa/Psy groover.

Cybernetika – Rider on the Storm

Driving Full-On/Twilight Psy.

Cybernetika – Pharaoh’s Kingdom

DnB track with heavy breaks and an oriental feeling. Samples are taken from the game Heroes of Newerth.

Cybernetika – Neuroshackles

Neuroshackles was a DnB track that I somehow did not release yet, but it has the potential for it.

Cybernetika – Molecular Probe (first version)

The first version of “molecular probe”. A lot rawer (and worse) than the final.

Cybernetika – Molecular Probe

This is the final version of “Molecular probe” with a slightly different mastering. This track was released on “The Scythe of Orion”.

Cybernetika – Lost Technology

Lost Technology is the opening track of “The Scythe of Orion”, almost 14 minutes long, and a heavy breed of Dark Psy.