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Cybernetika – Nanotech 3000

Very mechanical Dark Psytrance track with lots of layers. The production is very meh, be warned.

Cybernetika – Mechaphysical

Early twisted Psy, kind of influenced by stuff like Hux Flux or Fungus Funk.

Cybernetika – Hymn to Neutron

Darker and more abstract Psy.

Cybernetika – Expanding the Instincts

Psytrance with a feeling of heaviness.

Cybernetika – Cyberpunk’s not Dead (v2)

improved version of the original.

Cybernetika – Cyberpunk’s not Dead

A bit slower than my usual stuff. First, raw version of the track.

Cybernetika – Comatose

Dark Goa/Psytrance from 2004.

Cybernetika – Brainwasher

Early version of “Brainwasher” which was later improved and released on my Brainwash promo.

Cybernetika – Army of Nine

Dark Trance/Rave track.

Cybernetika – Argonaut

One of my early bad attempts at fusing guitars into Trance (2004).