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Xenofish & Mellow Sonic – Coreshaper (Cybernetika Remix)

Xenofish’s and Mellow Sonic’s epic track, re-interpreted by myself as a tech/psy-dnb track.


Cybernetika – Prismatic Reflection

Trippy Psy-Breaks Track! This is my submission for the Psynews Compilation Contest 2015.┬áReleased on VA – Cascades of Life on Ektoplazm.


Cybernetika – Coil Construct

Fast Psytrance with a Goa edge, from 2015.

Cybernetika – Ancient Perdition (First Mix)

First version of my Dark Psy/Goa track “Ancient Perdition”. There’s still more versions to come.

Cybernetika & Xenofish – Darkened City

Created this Acid/Tech/Psy track in collaboration with Xenofish in 2014.

Cybernetika – The King

“The King” is an oldschool Tech-Trance track with psy elements and a bit of a storyline.

Cybernetika – Synaptic Traveller

Fast and driving Goa track.

Cybernetika – Flotation

This one is a bit of an unusual Psy/DnB track.

Mellow Sonic – Abyss (Cybernetika Remix)

Remix of the great track Abyss by Mellow Sonic, I went for Psy-Breaks here.

Cybernetika – Supernova Creation

Techno/Psy track.