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The Machinistas – You Stay

Banging Industrial/Electro beat meets vocals and trancy arps.


The Machinistas – Monsters Inside

Dark Wave/Trance track made with a collaboration project.


Cybernetika – Divergent (2007 Version)

Cleaned up version of the Industrial Psy track I released earlier.


Cybernetika – Corrosion Complete

Dark and very dirty sounding Psytrance with a lot of drive, a bit similar to “Microchip” in tone.


Cybernetika – Cold White

Industrial/Breaks with dark harmonies, a bit influenced by Front Line Assembly.


Cybernetika – Twisted Ideal

Twisted Ideal starts off as Darkpsy, but quickly becomes a Dark Trance anthem.


Antinox – The Robot Factory

Mechanical Industrial-Techno, as the title suggests.


Cybernetika – Industry of Madness

Very bass-heavy Industrial Breaks track.


Vecordia – Fallout Requiem

Dark, post-apocalyptic piano/ambient piece.


Antinox – Ravager

Dark atmospheric Industrial Techno.