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Cybernetika – Nightfall

DnB-track that has a few IDM/Electro elements, from 2015.


Cybernetika – 277 MHz

Epic industrial track from 2015.

Cybernetika – Longing for Freedom

Early attempt at an Industrial Metal track inspired by Fear Factory, created in 2014.

Cybernetika – Sol Nexus

Track from the “Solar Nexus” album. Experimental 3/4 DnB track.

Cybernetika – Orbital Forge

Another ambient/industrial/cinematic track with metallic percussion.

Cybernetika – Inner Peace

Dark Ambient/Cinematic track I did for a planned concept album.

Cybernetika – Our Darkest Hour

Cinematic industrial track that will be released soon.

Cybernetika – Hidden Desires

Had a few problems with the drums here. Nevertheless, an atmospheric downtempo/industrial piece.

Cybernetika – Augmentation

Cyberpunk, Deus Ex influenced track in Downtempo/Industrial style.

Cybernetika – Point Defect

Dark Ambient soundscape that evolves into a frantic breaks track.