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Cybernetika – Darkstar Phobia (Original Version)

Initial version of my track Darkstar Phobia.

Cybernetika – Darkstar Phobia (Second Version)

Second version, very close to the track released on my “Promo #1 2006”.

Cybernetika – Dominion (Short Version)

Short edit of my track “Dominion”.


Cybernetika – Drill 2020

Dark Goa/Psy.


Cybernetika – Genetisis

My track “Genetisis”, driving Psy/Goa.

Cybernetika – Pitchblack (TA Edit)

Early version of my track “Pitchblack”, made for the compilation.

Cybernetika – Plastic World

Deep Acid/Goa.

Cybernetika – Alteration (v1)

Initial Version of “Alteration”.

Cybernetika – Alteration (v2)

Advanced version of my track Alteration with a cleaned mix.

Cybernetika – Goa Flashback

It’s Goa, duh.