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Cybernetika – Plasmoid

My track “Plasmoid”, from the “Nanospheric” album.


Cybernetika – Fairytalez

This one is a very aggressive Psytrance track with a hypnotic melody.


Cybernetika – Nebula Decay

Quite unique Tech/Goa track from 2006, later released on “Neural Network Expansion”.

Cybernetika – Architect of the Universe (First Mix)

An earlier version of this Goa track.

Cybernetika – Architect of the Universe (Final Mix)

LongĀ Goa track with a lot of layers. This is the final version.

Cybernetika – The Promised Land

Epic melodic Psy track.

Cybernetika – The Origin

Melodic Goa/Psy.

Cybernetika – The Needle

Darker Goa/Psy.

Cybernetika – Subliminal

Goa/Prog/Psy track.

Cybernetika – Caustik

Twilight Goa track.