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Cybernetika – Coil Construct

Fast Psytrance with a Goa edge, from 2015.

Cybernetika – Ancient Perdition (First Mix)

First version of my Dark Psy/Goa track “Ancient Perdition”. There’s still more versions to come.

Cybernetika – Synaptic Traveller

Fast and driving Goa track.

Cybernetika – Sky’s Thorn

Amen-loaded DnB track with Goa melodies.

Cybernetika – Eclipsis (Cycle Mix)

Goa track with a twisted, hypnotic lead towards the end. This one was released on the Neogoa compilation Dimensional Gateway 2.

Cybernetika – Sharpest Shape

A slow relentless Goa/Psy groover.

Cybernetika – Chrono Wave

Experimental Goa/Psy with a broken beat.

Cybernetika – Impossible Mirage

Impossible Mirage is a Goa/Dark Psy track that was released on “The Scythe of Orion”. This one is an early version of it.

Cybernetika – My Pulse

Epic melodic Goa track.


Cybernetika – Reloading

Oldschool Goa track.