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Cybernetika – Valkyrie

160BPM Psy-Trancecore madness. Later released on “Neural Network Expansion”


Cybernetika – Kryonic Storm

Hard Trance/Freeform track.

Cybernetika – BORG

Silly Hard Dance/Freeform track with Psy influences.

Cybernetika – Breakthrough 2.0

improved version of my Rave track “Breakthrough”.

Cybernetika – Uplink

Freeform Trance track.

Cybernetika – Archetype

Early Freeform track from 2005.

Cybernetika – Zeitsprung

Freeform/Dark Psy. “Zeitsprung” is “time leap” in English.

Cybernetika – Eclipse Blast

Early attempt at a Freeform track.

Cybernetika – Dance of the Flames

Fast Rave/Acid track from 2004 with dark melodies.

Cybernetika – Breakthrough

Fast Hard Trance/Freeform track.