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Cybernetika – Nightfall

DnB-track that has a few IDM/Electro elements, from 2015.


Cybernetika – Our Darkest Hour

Cinematic industrial track that will be released soon.

Cybernetika – Moonfog

Starts off as an ambient track, then progresses into a Halfstep track with a mystical space theme. This one actually started as a remix of “Neuroshackles”.

Cybernetika – Flotation

This one is a bit of an unusual Psy/DnB track.

Cybernetika – Hidden Desires

Had a few problems with the drums here. Nevertheless, an atmospheric downtempo/industrial piece.

Cybernetika – Eclipsis (Original Mix)

The previously unreleased original mix. Very different from the cycle mix in terms of energy and drive, this one is more of a breakbeat track.

Cybernetika – Avenger

DnB-Influenced track with a twilight setting.

Cybernetika – Amnesia

Short IDM/Melody piece.

Cybernetika – Chrono Wave

Experimental Goa/Psy with a broken beat.

Cybernetika – Calling Mercurio

The Downtempo/Industrial track that was the final track on “The Scythe of Orion”