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Cybernetika – Towards the End of Time

Driving DnB track also appearing on “Atropos”.

Cybernetika – Starchild

Melodic Psy/DnB that I made for “Atropos”.

Cybernetika – Red Octopus

Intense DnB track with heavy beats.

Cybernetika – Lost in Space

Heavy DnB track that I somehow never managed to release.

Cybernetika – Hydroponics

DnB remix of the System Shock 2 soundtrack. Released on Atropos.

Cybernetika – Hayashi’s Journey

DnB track with epic melodies and heavy breaks, from my album Atropos.

Cybernetika – Human Error

DnB meets Industrial meets Metal. One of the fiercest tracks I ever made.

Cybernetika – Corona (Final Version)

Another spacey DnB track I made. Far better drums and mixing than the one around.

Cybernetika – Antares (Original Mix)

A classic: the first DnB track I was truly happy with, in the version released on the album (with a slightly different mastering).

Cybernetika – In Genius

Very early attempt at Drum’n’Bass. The result is a bit meh.