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Cybernetika – Varuna’s Revolution

Halfstep track with some very spacey melodies.

Cybernetika – S.P.A.C.E.

The good old DnB/Neurofunk track “S.P.A.C.E.”, featuring samples from Portal 2.

Cybernetika – Pharaoh’s Kingdom (2011 Remaster)

The remastered version of my DnB track “Pharaoh’s Kingdom”.

Cybernetika – Ghost of Midas (first version)

The initial version of “Ghost of Midas”, which later appeared on “Colossus”.

Cybernetika – Gagarin

The intro track of “Colossus”, a deeper journey-like DnB track.

Cybernetika – Forged for Battle

Initial edit of my track “Forged for Battle”, atmospheric dark DnB with a space theme.

Cybernetika – Electron Tracker

DnB that takes you on a¬†journey through different states of energy. Released on my “Colossus” album.

Cybernetika – Devoid of Gravity (First Version)

The first version of “Devoid of Gravity”, the one you could download from my Soundcloud.

Cybernetika – Black Hole Evolution

Atmospheric, Space themed DnB that makes use of the full stereo spectrum.

Cybernetika – Avenger

DnB-Influenced track with a twilight setting.