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Cybernetika – Enter the Warpcore

Dark Ambient track meant as an intro for something.


Cybernetika – The Infinity of Progress

Ambient electronica track.

Vecordia – Terran Salvation

Dark Ambient which was my first actual release on the “Longing for Unity” Split EP.

Vecordia – Superiority

Dark Ambient.

Vecordia – Planet Dead

The oldest dark ambient track I made under my Vecordia alias.

Cybernetika – Neural Corrosion


Vecordia – Last Call

Dark ambient track.

Vecordia – Imperium Titanis

Cinematic track, an upgraded version of “Clash of the Titans”, this time released on my sideproject Vecordia.

Cybernetika – Clash of the Titans

Epic cinematic track with dark soundscapes and war-drums.