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Cybernetika – Orbital Forge

Another ambient/industrial/cinematic track with metallic percussion.

Cybernetika – Inner Peace

Dark Ambient/Cinematic track I did for a planned concept album.

Cybernetika – Moonfog

Starts off as an ambient track, then progresses into a Halfstep track with a mystical space theme. This one actually started as a remix of “Neuroshackles”.

Cybernetika – Point Defect

Dark Ambient soundscape that evolves into a frantic breaks track.

Cybernetika – Caliope

Short space Ambient track, meant as in intro loop for my site.

Vecordia – You’re a Black Hole

Dark and nihilistic industrial/ambient.

Vecordia – Detonation

Pure dark ambience.


Cybernetika – Industry of Madness

Very bass-heavy Industrial Breaks track.


Vecordia – Fallout Requiem

Dark, post-apocalyptic piano/ambient piece.


Vecordia – Sindrome

Dark ambient track released with my Vecordia project.