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Cybernetika – Amnesia

Short IDM/Melody piece.

Cybernetika – Caliope

Short space Ambient track, meant as in intro loop for my site.

Cybernetika – Arcturus Experience

Downtempo/Halfstep track with a deep space theme.

Cybernetika – Antagonist

Contrary to the name, a pretty laid back Psychill track.

Cybernetika – Number 99

A bit of an experimental Psybient/Electronica track.

Cybernetika – Sonnenuntergang

Space ambient track with a “solaris”-inspiration.


Cybernetika – Infinitesimal

Short, melodic IDM/Glitch track.


Vecordia – Fallout Requiem

Dark, post-apocalyptic piano/ambient piece.


Cybernetika – Realm of Lost Souls

Downtempo track with a dreamlike atmosphere.


Cybernetika – Otherworldly

Mystical Ambient/IDM track.