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Cybernetika & Xenofish – Darkened City

Created this Acid/Tech/Psy track in collaboration with Xenofish in 2014.

Cybernetika – Plastic World

Deep Acid/Goa.

Tufaan – Probe (Cybernetika Remix)

Cheap remix of Tufaan – Probe. Do yourselves a favor and skip this, the original is a million times better.

The Darkone – Ravenlock (Cybernetika Remix One)

Acid remix of The Darkone’s “Ravenlock”.

Space Odyssey – Space Odyssey

“Space Odyssey” was made in collaboration with Omer Ketz aka The Darkone back in 2005.

Cybernetika – Return to the Source

Psy track with Acid.

Cybernetika – Phobos Embrace

Very epic, long Trance track with a bit of Acid. This is like the ancestor of “Dominion” from the Brainwash Promo.

Cybernetika – Dream in Red

“Dream in Red” is a fast Acid track I made in 2003.