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[EP] One Arc Degree & Cybernetika – Nether Moon

01One Arc Degree & CybernetikaNether Moon (174 BPM)
02One Arc DegreeGhost Comet (176 BPM)
03One Arc DegreeGhost Comet (Cybernetika Remix) (176 BPM)
04CybernetikaStinger (One Arc Degree Remix) (87 BPM)

The combined efforts of experienced Greek psybreaks and dub duo One Arc Degree and German psychedelic drum ‘n bass pioneer Cybernetika take us on an emotive journey to the Nether Moon. Released by Ektoplazm, this cinematic quartet represents an ideal symbiosis between Cybernetika’s dark future visions and One Arc Degree’s deep and mystical explorations. Together these artists have composed a soundtrack for a mysterious place: “Behind the illusion of a hostile and barren rock floating in space there is another world, bringing ancient memories and dreams to life.” Track 2 written and produced by One Arc Degree (Vasilis Kesalidis & Ioannis Konstantios), based on samples from “The Ghost Music” by A-Duff; tracks 1, 3 and 4 written and produced by One Arc Degree & Cybernetika (Lars Goossens). Mastered by Cybernetika with artwork by Christian Becker and design by Alexander Synaptic.

Free Release on Ektoplazm

Released under a Creative Commons licence for noncommercial usage.


Cybernetika – Solar Nexus

01Artificial Bloodline (80 BPM)
02Neuronal Interface (178 BPM)
03Distress Beacon (177 BPM)
04Monolithic (179 BPM)
05Bio-Magnetic Tunnel Transport (179 BPM)
06Stinger (178 BPM)
07Sol Nexus (160 BPM)
08Constellations (179 BPM)
09The Outcast Of Deadspace (150 BPM)

Cybernetika makes a triumphant return to Ektoplazm with Solar Nexus, the long-awaited follow-up to Colossus, released nearly three years ago. In that time Cybernetika has been working hard to further refine his ground-breaking fusion of psychedelic trance and drum ‘n bass, uniting these disparate genres under the aegis of far-future science fiction storytelling. As is customary, Cybernetika has written a short tale to introduce the themes explored on this album:

“In the dark and barren outer reaches of the universe a small group of genetically modified humans made this hostile region their home. Forgotten by most of human civilization, they developed a wealthy and peaceful society. Nine hundred years after last contact they suddenly appeared out of nowhere with technologies far more advanced than we could ever imagine in our wildest dreams. How could such a small group of a few hundred mutants get so far ahead of us? Would it be possible for us to benefit from their knowledge? The answer is both terrifying and promising: yes, it is possible, by connecting human minds in a galaxy-wide overmind, powered by the energy of a billion suns—the Solar Nexus.”

All tracks written, produced and mastered by Cybernetika (Lars Goossens). Artwork by Jonathan Maurin and Maxime des Touches.

Free Release on Ektoplazm

Released under a Creative Commons licence for noncommercial usage. [EKTLP13]


Cybernetika – Colossus

01Gagarin (175 BPM)
02Devoid Of Gravity (175 BPM)
03Close Your Eyes (175 BPM)
04Anomaly (177 BPM)
05Ghost Of Midas (174 BPM)
06Humanity: Static (Cybernetika Remix) (176 BPM)
07Forged For Battle (175 BPM)
08Electron Tracker (177 BPM)

Cybernetika returns to Ektoplazm with Colossus, an extraordinary full-length album fusing psychedelic trance and drum ‘n bass with futuristic science fiction atmospheres. Following on the enormous success of last year’s The Scythe Of Orion, which was declared the best free psytrance album of 2010 by Ektoplazm visitors, and building on the genre-bending experimentalism of Atropos (2009), this album delivers exactly what Cybernetika fans have been waiting for: epic storytelling through innovative electronic music. As with his previously releases, Cybernetika has written an epigraph to situate the album within a thematic framework:

“As all-consuming waves of entropy were reaching our galaxy, mankind was forced into a desperate battle for survival. With discovered technologies far beyond our understanding, we were able to construct a last bastion against a rapidly dissolving universe, right in the center of our galaxy: the Colossus, a gigantic, artificial shield of protection, preserving stability of space itself. With the Colossus, we can defeat our own destiny…”

Track 6 (Humanity: Static) originally written and produced by Vortech. Mastered by Kri @ Audiovalve. Artwork by Stefan Hürlemann.

Free Release on Ektoplazm

Released under a Creative Commons licence for noncommercial usage. [EKTLP13]


Cybernetika – The Scythe of Orion


01Lost Technology (150 BPM)
02Impossible Mirage (150 BPM)
03Tyrannis (143 BPM)
04Transmitter (149 BPM)
05Cryostasis (147 BPM)
06Molecular Probe (153 BPM)
07Calling Mercurio (137 BPM)

Ektoplazm is tremendously proud to present The Scythe Of Orion, the latest science fiction masterpiece by Cybernetika, a German producer revered for his eclectic genre-bending experimentation and heavy use of epic storytelling elements in electronic dance music. Cybernetika’s synthetic fusion of dark and energetic psychedelic trance with elements of industrial, drum ‘n bass, and classic Goa trance will send your mind spinning into the far reaches of outer space as the tale unfolds. As with his other album releases, Cybernetika has composed an epigraph to set the mood:
“Invisible yet observing, the strangers transcended to a higher form of existence eons ago. As legend tells, the strangers once were like us, before they evolved into invisible deities no longer bound by time and space. Only a single relic of their ascension remains, holding the wisdom and the secrets of this superior civilization: The Scythe of Orion.”

Free Release on Ektoplazm

This album has been professionally mastered by Kri @ Audiovalve and features artwork by Thiago Schmitz.

Released under a Creative Commons licence for noncommercial usage. Don’t miss out on Cybernetika’s previous albums, also available from Ektoplazm: Atropos (2009), Nanospheric (2008), and Neural Network Expansion (2007). [EKTLP12]

Cybernetika – Atropos

album cover cybernetika - atropos

01Antares (Original Mix) (176 BPM)
02Hydroponics (175 BPM)
03Starchild (180 BPM)
04Towards The End Of Time (179 BPM)
05Vaporized (175 BPM)
06Atropos (178 BPM)
07Unleash (175 BPM)
08Conquest (178 BPM)
09Hayashi’s Journey (178 BPM)

Cybernetika returns with another far future epic expressed through music. This time the form is an energetic drum ‘n bass/neurofunk album with strong psytrance influences. Atropos is the story of Hayashi, a lone interstellar traveller who discovers the legendary Atropos, one of the three Moirae (the Fates of Greek mythology). Atropos chooses “the manner and timing of each person’s death,” cutting the thread or web of life, and within this narrative context Hayashi meets “his own destiny–and the destiny of humanity.” With cover artwork by Stefan Hürlemann.

Free Release on Ektoplazm

Released under a Creative Commons licence for noncommercial usage. Be sure to check out Cybernetika’s previous albums on Ektoplazm, Nanospheric and Neural Network Expansion.

Cybernetika – Nanospheric

01Plasmoid (14:47)
02The Outer Reach (10:44)
03Earthshock (12:44)
04Nanospheric (15:01)
05Praeforma (8:27)
06Finale (8:23)

Nanospheric is the fourth album from Cybernetika, an independent German producer from Cologne. Since 2003 he has been writing many different types of electronic music with science fiction influences: psychedelic trance, techno, industrial, and drum ‘n bass. Hints of these other styles can be heard on Nanospheric, but it is primarily an atmospheric psytrance album with a heavy emphasis on story-telling. Cybernetika begins the tale with a virtual epigram:

“Both universe and infinitesimal particle, the Nanospheric is an abstract construct beyond our imagination and comprehension. It is a machine deity that forms matter in its own will.”

This album was written in FL Studio, mastered with Wavelab, and features cover artwork by Angie Fouquette.

Free Release on Ektoplazm

Released under a Creative Commons licence for noncommercial usage. If you like this, be sure to investigate Cybernetika’s last album, Neural Network Expansion.

Cybernetika – Neural Network Expansion

01Trickster (149 BPM)
02Microchip (148 BPM)
03Medical/Science Complex (System Shock Remix) (150 BPM)
042653 (150 BPM)
05First Contact (152 BPM)
06Nebula Decay (146 BPM)
07No Communication (150 BPM)
08Valkyrie (160 BPM)

Neural Network Expansion is independently produced by Cybernetika, “a 20 years old music addict from Cologne, Germany.” This album contains nearly 70 minutes of dark and atmospheric psychedelic trance with a distinct science fiction theme. Intended as a “journey to a dark future, and beyond,” this album pulsates and throbs with explosive chaotic energy and mesmerizing melodic highs. This album was produced with FL Studio 6, mastered in Wavelab, and features a cover design by Wechman.

Free Release on Ektoplazm

Released under a Creative Commons licence for noncommercial usage.

Cybernetika – Promo #1 2006

01 – Astranimus (revised) – 8:29
02 – Darkstar Phobia – 9:56
03 – Master Sensei – 8:00
04 – Neuromancer (revised) – 9:52
05 – Paradox Parallax – 8:22
06 – Sub Neural – 08:24
07 – Zero Manifesto 2006 (revised) – 8:36
08 – Dimorphic Blackcell (revised) – 9:47

Total: 71:26 minutes (perfect to burn on CD :P)

“Promo” album which consists mostly of older tracks that have been modified and revised a little, but there are also completely new tracks in here … the style is Psy, mostly dark, with influences of Industrial, but there are also some bits of Goa here and there. I thought it would be cool if I share this stuff with you. All of the tracks are in 320kbps. I made them with FL Studio 6, ReFX Vanguard, Spectrasonics Atmosphere, Linplug Albino, rgc z3ta+, audiorealism Bassline, and many other VSTplugins.

Download: cybernetika_-_promo_1_2006.rar  [MP3]

Released under a Creative Commons licence for noncommercial usage.