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About Me | cybernetika.de

About Me

Born in 1986, I grew up in a small town near Cologne, Germany. In my childhood I learned playing classical music on the piano for a few years. After some time I realized that I didn’t just want to replay existing music but instead I was much more curious about composing my own melodies.

It was at this time I grew up with the big German wave of 90s Techno/Trance music, and one thing quickly came to the other. I picked up a keyboard with more synthetic sounds, and when I got my first computer I started ‘composing’ with Techno Ejay and Magix Music Maker (which wasn’t really more than stacking some premade loops together, but hey).

In my teenage years, I became more interested in Metal music of all sorts. That began with Limp Bizkit, but quickly I was hungry for the heavier and darker stuff like Fear Factory, eventually moving to Black/Death Metal like Emperor. I wasn’t really much into electronic music back then, but I realized that atmospheric and dark, yet melodic music with a story to tell was something I loved and still love.

By pure coincidence I got in contact with Goa Trance – Astral Projection and Hallucinogen were the bands that completely blew me away. I didn’t even know there was electronic music with such an atmosphere and such creativity in sound design anymore. A whole new world opened, from Goa to Dark Psy, it was something different. Even though I am not a synaesthesic, the truly alien sounds of Psytrance as well as the hypnotic minor melodies of Goa could awaken vivid pictures in my imagination.

At that time, my interest for composing my own music became greater than ever. I was absolutely certain I wanted to turn my ideas into sound, my only problem was I had no idea how, until in 2003 a friend introduced me into FL Studio, and I quickly began to experiment with synthesis, sound design and composition. A huge flood of free VST plugins helped my creativity a lot. Making music became more than an hobby, and there were times where I made a track each day. Obviously my first attempts sucked, but thanks to some really helpful and patient experienced producers in various forums I kept at it and improved my skills slowly but constantly.

In 2005, I decided to release my first promo album ‘Brainwash’, focused on Dark Trance with Goa elements, to the public (which was just one forum post at first). Later this year, I decided to invest in some better synthesizers and this improved my sound quite a bit. ‘Paralysis’, released in Fall 2005 was a pure Goa Trance release with heavy emphasis on the melodies. I’ve spent a lot more time promoting that album, and I got some really positive and encouraging responses to that release, giving me confirmation that I was on the right track.

I then started going to parties at that time, where Dark Psy was much more prominent than Goa, so my interest shifted a bit towards night time Psytrance. My “Promo #1 2006” was my attempt at adding aggressive FM synthies and nightmarish atmospheres to my sound. After some releases on netlabel compilations, I took this approach one step further with my first big album release on a very promising platform that was still very fresh back then: Ektoplazm. The album was called Neural Network Expansion, and was somewhere between Dark Psy, Goa and Full-On Psytrance, and the feedback I received from people all over the world was overwhelming.

At this point, I told myself I’ve found the sound I was searching for, and got to a point where I could deliberately reproduce many of the sounds I had in mind. I’ve always had a huge fascination for Sci-Fi in music and books, and that only grew larger over the years. The scenarios from my head and the musical ideas really connected – I felt the need to tell my own stories through music. My 2008 release “Nanospheric” was more than a compilation of my most recent music, it was a story I’ve had to tell, and this album was the soundtrack.

In the meantime, another style of music caught my interest: Drum’n’Bass. I honestly have not heard this music anywhere at all before. When the mighty bassline of Black Sun Empire’s “Arrakis” nearly struck me to the ground, I knew there was a new goal for me: To understand how this music was made, and to make this myself. The dark futuristic setting of some Neurofunk tracks was very similar to that of Psytrance, but there are only very few tracks that actually tried to connect these two genres, so I knew what I wanted to do. After a lot of failed attempts, I finally managed to make “Antares”, my first DnB track that was close enough to what I had in mind. One year later, in 2009, I’ve finished gathering tracks for my next storytelling album called “Atropos”, again released on Ektoplazm, and that one just took off, with a huge resonance and a massive download count.

With a background in Psytrance, Metal, and Drum’n’Bass, I won’t forget to mention that one of the greatest influences over the years has been Industrial, especially by Front Line Assembly and Noise Unit. Influenced by the sounds of these bands and expanding on the storytelling element, I focused on producing a Psytrance album, with the aim of fusing elements of Dark Psytrance, Goa and Industrial. This one was called “The Scythe of Orion”, and was released in 2010. Later on, it was voted as the best release of 2010 on Ektoplazm.

Following up on “Atropos”, I decided to return to Psy-infused Drum’n’Bass with my next release. “Colossus”, released in 2011, was the next chapter in the book, expanding on the ideas of “Atropos”, with a cleaner sound and more distinct layers, while staying true to the concept of an audiovisual journey into the far future.

After “Colossus”, a long time with a lot of unfinished tracks has passed – I am planning to release most of them on this site over time, or bundle them for a release later on. A lot of preparation went into my next release, which was finally ready in 2014: “Solar Nexus”. Heavily inspired by Dan Simmons’ and Peter F. Hamilton’s works, this release had the most distinct and elaborate backstory of my releases, set around a group of outcasts that gained godlike powers through a galactic overmind.

Recently, I have started collaborating with various other artists. There is an EP with One Arc Degree called “Nether Moon”, released in 2015, with more atmospheric Drum’n’Bass, a very diverse collaboration project with Xenofish called Cryomatter, as well as remixes. Currently, I am working on a very big release, expanding on the cinematic atmosphere of my previous releases. I want to keep pushing the limits of Sci-Fi music and see how far I come. The story is far from over…